We are a charity based in West Suffolk, working with individuals of all genders aged 12 years upwards; working closely with partner agencies to support and educate victims and survivors who have experienced relationship abuse.

The meaning of alumah comes from the (medieval) Hebrew word Alumah meaning 'strong, brave'


We believe that every person is important

We want to help you maximize your individual potential.

We aim to provide a service for all genders to access, offering interventions and care, designed to empower, support and educate. Working closely with partner agencies, victims and survivors who have experienced abuse, both physical and psychological.

We aim to provide a vibrant community hub, reducing the stigma of domestic abuse and improve access to effective interventions which, in turn, reduces the long term destructive impact of living with domestic abuse.

Individual counselling and group work will offer space to express feelings and emotions, raise awareness and self esteem.

Easily accessible by train, bus or car.


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