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Ethical Funding Policy

1. Introduction

This policy seeks to ensure that our work is funded ethically.

The policy sets out our donor criteria for individuals, companies and grant giving bodies, and the process we follow to review funding opportunities, making our expectations clear to all our funding bodies. 

 True to our Christian faith-based identity and values, by ethical funding we mean avoiding funding relationships with organisations or activities that harm people or the environment.

2. Policy Statement

Alumah provides work in schools with Escape the Trap, Domestic Abuse Child Trauma Intervention Programme and groupwork programmes like Shine, Curve and the Freedom programme. We offer specialist 1.1 counselling services for adults who are experiencing domestic abuse or who have already been able to leave an abusive relationship. 

In order to provide these services, we need to attain diverse income provision from varied sources to achieve and sustain the crucial work of Alumah.  However, it is vital that we maintain our independence and do not allow any external partnership or donor alignment to bring the charity’s reputation into disrepute or compromise the integrity or quality of our work.

We accept financial support from, and partnerships with, companies, individuals and grant giving bodies on the following conditions:

If upon initial review by the Trustees of Alumah any of these criteria are in question a full risk assessment will be undertaken and reviewed by the relevant Alumah trustees for a final decision.

3. Donor Criteria

The following criteria, together with the risk management process, provide a route by which the trustees can review and assess donations:

Alumah will not promote any products or services knowingly linked to the harm or detriment of vulnerable adults, young people, children, or their environments.

Only Alumah trustees and the CEO will have direct access to its database, target groups and beneficiaries. In accordance with regulations third parties will not be granted access.

To ensure that all cause-related promotions reflect our charity’s values, any such initiatives will be reviewed by the relevant Alumah governance board for final decision.

4. Due Diligence Criteria

Due Diligence will be carried out by the Chair of trustees regarding an organisation that wishes to award a grant to Alumah prior to acceptance of the grant. 

If the CEO of Alumah receives a donation, the Chair of trustees will be informed and due diligence carried out before acceptance of the donation. 

5. Acceptance Criteria

When deciding whether to accept a donation, the CEO and the Trustees have a duty to demonstrate to the Charity Commission that they have acted in the best interest of the charity, and that association with any particular donor or organisation does not compromise Alumah’s ethical position, harm our reputation or put future funding at risk. 

Alumah complies with all relevant legislation including money laundering rules, the Bribery Act and Charity Commission guidance, including terrorism and political activity.

Alumah therefore would not accept a donation which:

Last updated 06/10/2023

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