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Self-esteem and healthy relationships workshops

We have the whole class or small group workshops 6 weekly sessions in school & youth settings.

1 – Self-Esteem Six workshops that build on self-esteem looking at a person’s respect, worth, strength, uniqueness and purpose. Through a range of interactive sessions that takes attendees on a journey towards a greater understanding of their value, strengths and potential regardless of their cultural, educational or socio-economic background.

2 – Relationships setting boundaries, what positive relationships need, society and gender roles, abuse, grooming. Age-appropriate.

Six workshops relating to healthy and unhealthy relationships, grooming for CSE and CCE. Participants work through a variety of activities during the course on aspects of relationships to increase their awareness of what relationships look like.

Who runs the workshops?

Claudette, our children’s worker, runs these workshops. She holds an NVQ in teaching and supporting children, Mental Health First Aid, Suidice First Aid, Level 2 in Youth Work. She has experience in working in schools since 2006, and has worked in the children’s operating theatre. She has been with Alumah for 5 years.

Is this just for schools?

Generally we deliver these workshops in schools, but we are happy to deliver the workshops to any youth setting. We can also offer this from our Brandon office.

Refer a young person

If you think this person will be beneficial to a young person you know please complete a referral form. If you would like to discuss running the workshops in a youth setting you're involved with please get in touch.

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